Preparations Have Begun For The Open House

Well Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica is very busy not just with debt collection cents but preparing for it’s Open House October 14-16. As we prepare to welcome prospective clients for the US and Canada we are very excited at the business this event will likely provide. Every person who has come to visit my operations in Jamaica has agreed to do business. They value of the project is clear once yogurt here and see the staff and speak with them.

The quality of staff is what makes this project so successful. Jamaican call center workers are eager, willing and very trainable unlike their North American staff. Then the quality of their english is the next thing most visitors notice. It is not just good english it is the Queens English so its very pleasant to the ears of Americans.

We are preparing lots of time for you to spend with the staff here in Jamaica and lots of fun activities as well. Golf, River falls and mush more.

Join us by registering on this page or by calling Lighthouse at 904-687-1687.

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