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Open your office in Jamaica
Lighthouse Makes It Easy

Learn how to open your own office in Jamaica and solve your labor issues with Lighthouse Consulting’s help.

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“The only way to see the opportunity that Lighthouse has created in Jamaica is to go see it, once you do the value is unmistakable”

Rob H. – Debt Buyer

You will have candid conversations with Jamaican collectors, supervisors and IT staff. Learn more about Jamaica as a Global call centre location. you will learn more about the culture and work force. You will feel the value of Lighthouse’s programs.

Hotel Room Booking

  • Luxury- Half Moon Resort

  • Elegant beach resort off A1 scenic highway .

  • $ 300
  • Register
  • Economy- Decameron

  • All inclusive room on the Hip strip

  • $ 109
  • Register

Great staff can be yours for just $10 hourly

Jamaica is the number one Call center location in the
English Speaking Caribbean

Supporting several US companies consisting of 60 firms and over 25,000 employees.

Learning points

You will learn everything that you have questions about in relation to doing business in Jamaica. You will learn about the people, technology and culture as well as why so many Fortune 500 companies have chosen Jamaica.

Why Jamaica is the obvious choice

How the islands infrastructure is set up for call centers

Why the Jamaican staff are the perfect choice

How the program by Lighthouse works

What's included in the $10 hourly

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12:00 pm

Falls Trip or Golf Outing

You can pick to stay in your hotel, go on a trip to the YS Falls https://ysfalls.com or join a group at the Cinnamon Hill Country Club https://rosehall.com/cinnamon-hill for a round of golf.

6:00 pm

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail party at 6PM at Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica http://www.lighthouseconsultinginc.com

Local call center employees, supervisors and owners will be invited to Lighthouse Call center and light hordorves will be served.

9:00 am

Intro of Phillip Duff by Homer Davis the Mayor of Montego Bay

Mr Phillip Duff The CEO of Lighthouse Consulting will be introduced to the attendees by the Mayor of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Homer Davis

9:10 am

Welcome Address by Phillip Duff

Mr. Phillip Duff the CEO of Lighthouse Consulting will welcome the attendees and get the party started.

Phillip W. Duff

9:30 am

BPO History in Jamaica | Jampro Representative

Conrad Robinson from JAMPRO will speak about the history of the BPO industry in Jamica. http://www.jamaicatradeandinvest.org/landingpage/ JAMPRO is an Agency of the Government of Jamaica’s Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation that promotes business opportunities in export and investment to the local and international private sector

Conrad Robinson

10:30 am

IT Discussions | Dwayne Shirley and Phillip Duff

A panel including Dwayne Shirley the CEO of Intellectual Technologies And Investments Ltd. an IT service supplier in Montego Bay, Phillip Duff, the CEO of LIghthouse Consulting

Phillip W. Duff
Dwayne Shirley

11:00 am

Island Culture in BPO’s

Lighthouse Consulting will present info on how the Jamaican culture effects the staffing and how HR policies differ in Jamaica.



2:00 pm

Why Jamaica | Stuart Wolpoff

Stuart Wolpoff the CEO of Independence Receivables a debt purchase company will discuss the reasons you should be considering Jamaica for your call center.

3:00 pm

How Lighthouse Consulting makes this easy | Phillip Duff

Mr Duff will show you how the Lighthouse Consulting program works and how for just $10 hourly you can all you need to get started tomorrow.

6:00 pm

Dinner at Half Moon’s Sugar Mill

8:00 am

Breakfast at the famous Pelican Grill

Breakfast at the famous Pelican Grill http://www.pelicangrillja.com

11:00 am

Q&A | Phillip Duff, Stuart Wolpoff and Cortea English

Cortea English the Executive Assistant for Lighthouse consulting and Phillip Duff the CEO will answer all you final questions about the open house.

Depart to US

Cortea English

12:00 pm

Conference ends


Phillip W. Duff

President & CEO - Lighthouse Consulting inc

Homer Davis

Mayor of Montego Bay

Cortea English

Project Manager of Lighthouse Consulting Inc.

Stuart Wolpoff

President and Chairman of Wolpoff Ventures

Conrad Robinson

JAMPRO Rrepresentive

Dwayne Shirley

Managing Director of Intellectual Technologies

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